Merry Early Christmas!

Ah, now I can’t wait for December! I just got this huge package in the mail from my grandparents and I had no idea what it could be. Turns out my mom must have asked them to send it to me when they got to the US, because inside was my childhood Christmas calendar, filled with gifts, and my huge Christmas hat! Nothing else could have gotten me in a Christmas mood as fast as this. Thank you so much! I’m still sad that I can’t celebrate with you guys this year, but this means so much to me.

Some of the pouches are missing, and the rest are old and discolored, but I still love it! I remember waking up every morning as a kid and the sight of this calendar would always excite me.

Back then I had to share it with my brother, but I guess it’s mine now! Mohahaha.

Oh, fun story! I once wore this hat at the airport in Norway around Christmas time when this little girl runs up to me from behind yelling “Santa”. When I turned around she got this horrified look on her face and almost busted out crying. I felt bad for her, but it was so hard not to laugh.


4 thoughts on “Merry Early Christmas!

  1. Så flott at den kom frem før 1. desember, tenkte meg at du ville komme til å like den 🙂
    Jeg fant faktisk alle 24 posene til kalenderen, utrolig nok, for det var alltid et svare strev å få dere til å legge posene på en fast plass så de ikke forsvant. Men siden det var noe som ikke passet i posene, måtte jeg finne frem gavepapir på noen pakker

    …. og husk å ta vare på alle posene, for jeg vil ha kalenderen tilbake slik at den kan henge på veggen her hjemme til mine barnebarn … en gang… 😀

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