Andy’s Advent Calendar

I’ve always loved the advent calendars my mom made for me and my brother when we were little – it didn’t get old even when I was in my teens. After a while though, my mom decided we were too old and stopped making them. But now that it’s my first Christmas away from home she put one together and sent it to me to make me feel better. And as soon as I noticed how thrilled I was to have it I realized that I should make one for Andy too! After all, this is our first Christmas together as a married couple, hehe.

Now all he has to do is start from the top and follow the string every day, down to the last gift. Fun!
IMG_4318Haha, I started playing around with the new winter features on Picmonkey. You should give it a try too, they are pretty cute. Anyway, there are 19 gifts in this picture; can you see them all?IMG_4320
What do you think? Do you have a tradition of having advent calendars?


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