Pure Ice – Strapless

Yet another nail polish post. Sorry, but I really tend to do my nails in periods. I might go two weeks without bothering, and then I change my nail polish every day for a week, haha. I guess it just depends on when I have time. Nowadays I am really loving glitter or blue nail polishes, so today’s manicure combined them both.

I used a bunch of thin layers of “Strapless” (I lost count) to get complete coverage. One layer doesn’t give you a whole lot of glitter. So, even though I love the end result, I will probably be using this more as a top coat over other colors from now on. I am simply too impatient. But it did dry fast, and when I was done with all ten nails I could easily start over. When I was done I used two layers of OPI top coat.
This color is really a bit more turquoise in real life, I just couldn’t capture it in the pictures.
So, what do you think? I can’t stop moving my fingers in the light to see them sparkle, haha!


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