Oasap Online Store

I had never heard of this store until I saw Joana’s giveaway at Styleandexpect.wordpress.com, but now I’ve completely fallen in love with it! Especially with their amazingly cozy and knitted winter sweaters. So my Friday tip this week is to take a minute and stop by Oasap.com – It is definitely my kind of store. There are so many sweaters that I want already, these nine are just a few of them.

Sweater 1 // Sweater 2 // Sweater 3
Sweater 4 // Sweater 5 // Sweater 6
Sweater 7 // Sweater 8 // Sweater 9 (Ahh, I want all of these three so bad – especially number 7.)

Well, there really isn’t a single one of these that I don’t want (in addition to a ton of others on their website). But so far my absolute favorites are number 2 and number 7. Which are yours?


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