Just My Luck

Ah, I have to be the most clumsy/unlucky person ever! This year I have pulled a muscle in my back, gotten bronchitis for my wedding, fractured a bone in my foot, had a few colds, and this Wednesday… I twisted my knee. I should be rolled in bubble wrap and propped up in front of the tv at all times! That would give Andy some time to relax, because he gets super stressed out every time I’m injured or sick.

And, like always, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I had finally gotten the hang of this whole “workout thing” – it used to be a pretty scary concept. So when my knee started hurting I had actually worked out 17 days out the last 19! And since we’re leaving for Virginia tomorrow I wanted to get as much use out of my elliptical as possible (since I won’t be able to use it for two weeks). Oh well. Now I’m just doing simple strength exercises instead. I’m a little scared to stop being active, just in case my motivation will magically vanish again! Haha.



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