Christmas Tree

So, as most of you probably guessed, the picture in the last post was a Christmas tree! Me and Andy helped finish decorating their tree after dinner – well, I helped a little and then I played with my camera until he was done with the rest. I’m such a helpful wifey.
When we were done Andy’s mom pulled out four pairs of these amazingly stylish glasses and asked me to look at the tree through them. I was pretty confused, but did as I was told. Turns out they make all the lights look like different images, depending on which glasses you’re wearing. I was mind blown for a good 15 minutes, and just sat there turning my head at different angles.
I managed to take a few pictures through the glasses to show you the effect they have, but they turned out kind of crummy. You get the idea, though. Isn’t it neat? The shapes turn when you tilt your head.


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