Pure Ice – Temptress

Blah, I managed to brake a couple nails yesterday, so I had to cut them all down. But that won’t stop me from polishing them, and I think I’ve just found a new favorite! I absolutely love this one from the Pure Ice Velour Finish collection. It’s a dark, rich purple that sometimes look dark blue in the right light, and it’s packed full of gold glitter. I also love how tick this polish is, without being difficult to apply, so that one layer is enough to cover your nails.

It looks like a glitter polish, but it applies like a normal one. I love it!
I already have a couple of ideas in mind for this one. It would be perfect to use with tape since it covers so well. And it also dried fairly quickly. I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that this is a $2 polish.
You can also see the glitter really well, even in low lighting.


2 thoughts on “Pure Ice – Temptress

    • I have never actually thought about it 😛 I like my nails rounded, so I just cut them in the shape of my fingers and use a metal nail file to even out the edges. They normally grow out just the way I want them then, so I don’t touch them again unless they break.

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