Blackheart Skull Nail Polish

Me and Andy stopped by the mall yesterday, and when I found these nail polishes at Hot Topic I just couldn’t help myself (they were buy 2 get 1 free, hehe). Aren’t they adorable? I have never even heard of the brand, I just got them for the sake of the bottles! And I’ve wanted a black light polish for a while.
The one to the left has three layers – pink on top, purple in the middle, and blue on the bottom. I was extremely sceptical to it as soon as I saw it, but I still had to give it a go. I figured that it was still a neat idea, even if it didn’t work the way it should. And I was right. The result was pretty horrible.
The pink was really the only color that showed up. But how awesome are the bottles?!


4 thoughts on “Blackheart Skull Nail Polish

  1. Wow! thanks for the review on the stacked nail polish! I was also really skeptical about it, and no one seems to use them since I haven’t seen that many pictures of the nail polish swatched on the internet. Now I know what it looks like. Even so, I have one blackheart nail polish called Beautiful Revenge and is really good 😀

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