Christmas Party

I had too much fun earlier today to update the blog, but since the world didn’t end after all (who would have known?) I suppose I’ll just do it now instead. Today (well, yesterday by now) was the Talian family’s open house Christmas party. It started at 5:30 and everyone could show up whenever they wanted throughout the night.

This was the dining room table about 30 minutes before everything was ready – the ham and barbecue was still missing. There was more food than you could imagine, and every time I walked by there was more of it instead of less since people kept bringing their own dishes! I helped myself to about three big servings in a 6 hour period, and I already want more just from looking at this picture!
There were so many people there for the first few hours that you could hardly even move through the house, but the mood was great and everyone had a fun time. I got to meet several friends of the family.
IMG_4771Then the mandatory Christmas tree pictures. This is my lovely brother and siter-in-law, by the way.
And, on a random note, I just really love the back of this blouse! Open back and lace ❤


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