Saturday Ice Skating

Yesterday we all went ice skating for about an hour an a half. This rink was much better than the one I went to in Atlanta a few weeks back, and we all had fun. However, I don’t know if my ice skates were too small or if I’m just out of practice, but my feet hurt something terrible by the time we were done.

Other than my feet hurting, I actually had a blast. Ignore the bad bangs, though.
I might have had a bit too much fun, and I ended up face planting this time too. Turns out I really can’t spin on the ice anymore – even though I used to be very good at it. Sigh, now I feel old.
Afterwards me and Andy went downtown and had sushi and steak hibachi for dinner. Delicious!
Today we’ve gotten the last bit of Christmas shopping done, and I’m surprisingly tired (which explains the lack of posting today). I think I’m ready to grab a drink and crawl up on the couch to watch a movie with Andy. We can wrap all the gifts tomorrow!


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