Christmas Nails

I got the idea for this polish after seeing Workplaypolish’s Christmas tree nails a while back. It’s a neat effect where you pour polish on a plastic surface and stir it with a dotting tool until it starts getting goopy. When you lift up the dotting tool there should be a string of nail polish hanging from it, which you drag across your nail. It took me a few tries to get the consistency right.

I used Revlon “all fired up” as the base and a green black light polish from Blackheart for the stripes.
Too bad I don’t have a black light lying around – I think it might be a pretty cool effect.
Some stripes are thicker than others as the polish got thicker while I was working at it. But I like it!
Now even my nails are ready for Christmas. Well, soon. I’m still not done with my right hand, hehe.


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