Pure Ice – Taupe Drawer

I can’t believe I haven’t tested this polish before now. I really love it! So cute and subtle that it could go with any outfit (it’s feminine without being “in your face” pink). Pure Ice had actually been planning on discontinuing this color in 2013 but, after getting a ton of complaints, they changed their mind and it will instead be renamed 966 Absolutely Marvelous. So it’s not going anywhere!
I couldn’t completely capture the correct nuance, but I’d say it’s right in the middle of these pictures. The flash made it a little too baby pink, while without it the color looked too dark. But you get the idea.
It goes on easy, but since I prefer thin layers I had to use three of them for complete coverage. When i was done I used a layer of OPI’s top coat, and I’m pretty happy with the result. What do you think?


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