I’m Blond!

Oh my god, this is crazy. I just can’t get used to the idea. After four hours at the salon – yep, it took that long – I’ve gone from dark brown to completely blond. Turns out my hair just didn’t want to let go off it’s color, so it took twice as long as expected. It took three bleaches, two dyes, and seven shampoos before it decided to cooperate. And despite all of that my hair doesn’t feel dry at all! I am very happy with the result. And the price – it was only $65!
What do you think? I was terrified during the whole process, thinking it was going to be too orange or too platinum, but I think he got it just right. I will definitely be going back there.

Tornado Watch

Me and Andy were headed to the mall today around 4 o’clock when the sky completely opened up. It had been gray and rainy all day, but when we left it was almost dry. 10 minutes in it started raining so hard that we literally couldn’t see anything. That’s when Andy decides to tell me that we’d been on tornado watch all day… So shopping probably wasn’t a great choice. We soon had to give up and find a different way home when the roads started getting flooded. It was actually really scary, and I was happy to get back home safely again. At least I didn’t have an excuse to spend any money!

There was no real damage done in Athens, but just a few hours away a few houses and trees were brought down by the strong winds, and one man lost his life. I hope everyone else is doing okay!

Well, this was supposed to be my comfortable shopping outfit, although I didn’t get to wear it anywhere. I’ve really fallen in love with this knitted sweater from Forever 21. It is so warm – I can hardly even wear it inside – and very comfortable. It just sucks that we don’t have a store in Athens.

Smokey Eye Shadow

I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with new eye shadows lately, but I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of smokey eyes. So I gave it another shot today and I think it turned out pretty good. I used Too Faced’s smokey eye shadow collection. It’s one of my favorites, but I normally doesn’t go as dark as this.
And on a side note: this might be one of the last pictures you’ll see of me as a brunette for a while. I’ve got an appoinment on Thursday to get it dyed. Wish me luck, because it’s going to be a big change!

Happy Days

Do you ever just wake up in the morning and feel happy for no good reason? Do you grab a coffee and walk outside, and smile because it’s going to be a good day? That’s how my morning has been today. Which is saying something for someone who normally hates getting out of the bed! I had a chiropractor appointment to get to, the sun was shining and it was almost too warm to wear a sweater, and a song I love was playing on the radio. Even now I’m enjoying my second cup of coffee while singing along to random songs on youtube.

Anyway. I hope your morning was just as great! It’s always great to start the week off right.

Shades of Purple Polish

I stopped by CVS for a few new nail polishes and cuticle treatments and found a quick drying top coat and these two pretty shades from Sally Hansen. Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang! (414) and Good to Grape (409). I had to try them out as soon as I got home.
I started with three coats of Good to Grape, although two could probably have been enough. I absolutely love the brush and the formula. It goes on perfectly and I hardly had to touch it up afterward. Then I went on to try out a straw splatter technique which looks really simple on youtube videos, but that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out. After a while I gave up to try something new.
I used Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang! as a base for my pinky, middle, and index finger. For my ring finger I used dotting tools, and on my middle finger I used two strips of nail tape that I removed while the top coat was still wet. I finished it all off with a layer of my new top coat.
What do you think? A little random, but I like it.

Pastels With An Edge

Here’s my outfit from a couple days ago – I’ve completely forgotten to post it. I think I need to eat more vegetables, because my memory has been horrible lately, haha. Right now I’m curled up on the couch with a mocha trying to forget how badly my muscles are hurting after I finally started working out again these past few days. But it’s worth it, right?
I like pairing pastels with something black and a bit edgy, just so I don’t overdo it with girly accessories.
It was way too cold to go anywhere without a jacket, but you can never go wrong with a black pea coat.
Coat: Worthington. Top: Bought in Norway. Jeans: Body Central. Pumps: Lauren Conrad.