Things I Like About Georgia, USA

I can’t believe I’ve lived in the US for 5 and a half years now, and in Georgia for 2 years and a half. And I have to say that I really love it – most of the time at least. Although I do miss my friends and family a lot. But there are some things I especially like:

  • The low prices. This was especially awesome when I worked in Norway during the summer (where the wages are higher than in the US) and got to bring everything I earned back over here.
  • The long hours. Everything is open longer and hardly anything is closed on Sunday’s. I can go grocery shopping 24 hours a day, and I can go to the mall at 9 o’clock at night on Monday through Saturday. You never have to plan ahead, haha.
  • The warm weather. I have always hated being cold, and even though I like a bit of snow every now and then, summer is definitely my favorite season. And here in Georgia I get more than enough sun!
  • The friendly people. I still remember how surprised I was the first time a stranger talked to me out of nowhere. She told me she loved my boots, smiled, and kept walking. That definitely isn’t something I’m used to from Norway.
  • More shopping choices. We have at least ten different choices in everything from toilet paper to salsa (really, who needs that?). But what I really care about are all the other stores. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and interior design. There are tons of all of them and I know to take advantage of it.
  • Being close to Florida. My grandparents and my uncle have houses in Florida, and since it’s only a 10 hour drive from Athens, that means we have a great place to go on vacation. Me and Andy have already been there three times, and we’re planning on going back for spring break this year.



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