Nail Art Experimentation

I definitely know I’m feeling better again when I start wanting to do my nails! Hehe. I have been dying to try out my new nail brushes for days, but didn’t feel up to it until yesterday. Since I had no idea where to start I simply googled “how to use nail art brushes” and found a bunch of great tutorials. I fell in love with this simple video on how to do hombre nails without a sponge, and decided to try it out.

I used the same brush as in the video on my thumb – a long and thin, straight brush – and I really loved the amount of control it gave you. I need to practice more to get enough precision to make thinner lines, though. Most of mine would either be too thick or not make a mark at all. But it was fun to try it out.
On my index finger I used a wide fan brush, to see if if the result would be any different. Luckily there really isn’t any way to mess up this manicure, but it was easier to make thinner lines with the other brush.
Afterwards I randomly tried out a couple of brushes to paint a simple flower design. I’m no artist so it might take a while until I try anything more advanced, hehe. Oh, and you have to excuse the very random pictures. I only painted a few nails at a time and didn’t try for a complete set.
Then I wanted to try out water marble nails, and that’s when things went really wrong. I just wanted to try it out on a couple of nails and I only needed a small bowl for the water. I didn’t have one, so I ended up cutting out part of an egg carton. Unfortunately Styrofoam and nail polish does not go together at all! I had an experience with this before, but I had forgotten about it and didn’t even consider it a problem since there would be water between the nail polish and bowl. Well, halfway through some polish stuck to the bottom, ate it’s way through the Styrofoam, stuck to my table, and spilled water all over the place.
That’s when I decided I was more then done for the night… (And the marble nails came out horrible.)


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