My Week of Mishaps

Ahh, this has just been one of those weeks! It started when I headed out for a few errands on Wednesday and ended up filling gas at one of the sketchiest gas stations ever. When I was done I noticed that I’d locked my keys and phone in my car… After borrowing a phone and waiting for the cops to get there I was hit on by a young girl with half of her teeth missing (obviously from drugs). I stayed inside the gas station after that. The cop showed up and broke into my car for free, but I can now hear wind coming through my door whenever I’m driving.

Next Andy walks into the bedroom asking “Babe, do you know where your keys are?” I had accidentally dropped them into my toiletry bag while looking for something else! There is no way I would have ever found them by myself (it hangs above my line of sight). And the next day I put my lotion in my fridge… I’m starting to believe that this cold has completely shut off my brain!

Oh, and the icing on the cake happened last night when I managed to get a light concussion… Seriously, you can’t even make this stuff up. So, with all of that in mind, I’ve been wrapped up in a blanked on our couch all day today. Watching movies and eating pizza with Andy. I am determined to get this week out of the way without any other incidents.

I really hope you’ve started off the new year in a much better way than me!


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