A Laid-Back Sunday

We started the day at 9 o’clock to a blazing fire alarm going off through our entire apartment complex… Since we were already awake, we figured we’d make the most of it and get up. So I jumped in the shower and we went out for an Indian buffet. It was actually a great start to the day – it was delicious!

I really hate how see-through my tights look in these pictures. They are slightly sheer, but in no way as bad as this – that’s all thanks to the flash. I really need to get better at taking pictures while the sun is up.
Shirt and Tights: Target. Necklace: Body Central. Shorts: Macy’s. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.
We honestly haven’t eaten any real food all day. Andy had a basketball game at 5 and then we all went out for Mexican food to celebrate. And now we’re drinking a smoothie in front of the tv, hehe.
Also, fun incident: We were starting up Netflix when Andy got annoyed that I kept stealing his smoothie, so he said “Xbox, play something Maria doesn’t like!”. Aaand the Xbox immediately starts playing Woody Allan: A Documentary… Our kinect is really living it’s own life. It was hilarious at the time, because that’s definitely not something I’d watch.


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