Newspaper Nails – Second Try

I found this when I got home the other day – it definitely put a smile on my face. It’s the small things that matter, right? And it was a great excuse to do my nails. Here’s a link to my first try at newspaper nails.
I used Sally Hansen – 906 Ion for the base. It’s an almost gray polish that was perfect for the black print. And I really loved the rounded brush. The only downside was that you need three coats for a complete cover, but I liked the result. And it didn’t streak.
Then came the issue of finding a newspaper (do anyone read those anymore?). But I remembered the Yellow Pages someone threw at our door a long while back and used it instead. After dipping my finger in rubbing alcohol for 5 seconds I covered my nail in a page of the phone book for about 15 seconds. Make sure to not hold it for too long, or you will get pieces of paper stuck to your nail.
Afterwards I finished off with a coat of OPI’s top coat. What do you think?


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