Shades of Purple Polish

I stopped by CVS for a few new nail polishes and cuticle treatments and found a quick drying top coat and these two pretty shades from Sally Hansen. Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang! (414) and Good to Grape (409). I had to try them out as soon as I got home.
I started with three coats of Good to Grape, although two could probably have been enough. I absolutely love the brush and the formula. It goes on perfectly and I hardly had to touch it up afterward. Then I went on to try out a straw splatter technique which looks really simple on youtube videos, but that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out. After a while I gave up to try something new.
I used Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang! as a base for my pinky, middle, and index finger. For my ring finger I used dotting tools, and on my middle finger I used two strips of nail tape that I removed while the top coat was still wet. I finished it all off with a layer of my new top coat.
What do you think? A little random, but I like it.


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