Tornado Watch

Me and Andy were headed to the mall today around 4 o’clock when the sky completely opened up. It had been gray and rainy all day, but when we left it was almost dry. 10 minutes in it started raining so hard that we literally couldn’t see anything. That’s when Andy decides to tell me that we’d been on tornado watch all day… So shopping probably wasn’t a great choice. We soon had to give up and find a different way home when the roads started getting flooded. It was actually really scary, and I was happy to get back home safely again. At least I didn’t have an excuse to spend any money!

There was no real damage done in Athens, but just a few hours away a few houses and trees were brought down by the strong winds, and one man lost his life. I hope everyone else is doing okay!

Well, this was supposed to be my comfortable shopping outfit, although I didn’t get to wear it anywhere. I’ve really fallen in love with this knitted sweater from Forever 21. It is so warm – I can hardly even wear it inside – and very comfortable. It just sucks that we don’t have a store in Athens.


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