On A Rainy Day

Isn’t it weird how little it takes to make or break someone’s day? Today I’d been in a terrible mood because my lower back was hurting like hell, and it didn’t help that the rain was pouring down outside, and that my 20 minute errand suddenly took over an hour. In other words, it was one of those days.

Then I get a message from Luchessa telling me that I’d won her giveaway and suddenly I was smiling again! The timing for this prize was really perfect too. It’s right before Valentine’s and I’ve completely fallen in love with glittery polishes lately. I can’t wait to try out these beauties.
Have you tried anything from Essence? I have to admit that I’d never heard of them before this.


5 thoughts on “On A Rainy Day

  1. Congrats! Oh thankfull this beauties made you smile again. Have you never heared of Essence, well it’s the best budget brand ever! They sell it overhere in the Netherlands in the drugstore and I love it! 40% of my stash is Essence LOL But this LE Hugs and Kisses never has been released here. The look sooo cute. Have fun with your Essences

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