OPI Designer Series

Turns out OPI’s Designer Series was released in the fall, but I hadn’t seen any of them until today. I actually buy most of my OPI’s at Kroger – it’s convenient and I hate buying polishes I haven’t seen in real life (online shopping) – but since they are fairly expensive I don’t get them very often. Today I was craving a new polish (yup, I crave polishes like I crave chocolate) and was drawn toward the first OPI with a silver cap I had ever seen. It’s a nice change from their usual black. I only got one, DS Opulence, but now I wish I had gotten them all! It is my new favorite polish, so gorgeous!

I had to look up the entire collection, and now I’m in love with every single one. What do you think?
Layout 1
Here are swatches of all the eleven shades (minus the top coat), and I think they’re all amazing!
Update: After looking them up I think there are actually more than these 12. Foe example, on the OPI website there is also a blue one. Although they don’t have all of these… Maybe some are expired?


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