Saturday Night at Home

It’s Saturday night and Andy just left to hang out with friends. Since my back has been hurting badly for a couple of days, and I don’t have a chiropractor appointment until Monday, I’m staying in instead of being social. However, I’m still pretty sure I’ll have a fun night all by myself. You see, Andy took my on a Kroger run to get chocolate, wine, and new nail polishes, so I have plenty of stuff to keep me entertained. And there’s my blog, tv, and video games… Now tell me… Does this make me slightly pathetic?

Oh well, everyone has nights where they would rather stay in and relax. I might even take a bath!
And these pink glitter polishes are adorable. I’ll post pictures of one of them later.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Night at Home

  1. That looks like the perfect night-at-home collection of stuff to do. I like how you remembered to do your nails anyway! I’ve been spending lots of time at home due to my Mum’s vertigo lately, along with the fact I live in the country and can’t walk or subway anywhere 😦 and totally relate.

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