Spring Break in Key West

It’s finally official, we’re going on a road trip to Key West in a little under a month! For ten full days. We’ve even booked two of our hotels, so there’s no going back now. (Well, there is free cancellation, but that really wasn’t the point.) On our first day we’ll be driving from Athens to Melbourne, where we can spend a night at my uncle or grandmother’s place – for free, yay. Then we’ll continue down the coast and spend a couple days in Miami before we stop by the Everglades. After that we’re going straight for the Keys! Ah, it’s going to be amazing. I’m already looking up places to see and shop at, and diners to eat at. I love the planning process almost as much as the trip itself. And I’ll be bringing my camera, so you’re all with me every step of the way!

This is from our last spring break in Melbourne. Ah, I just can’t wait to be on the beach again!
I’ve been looking at pictures from Key West, and Florida in general, ever since we booked our rooms. Just look at these pictures and tell me you’re not jealous! I definitely won’t believe you.


8 thoughts on “Spring Break in Key West

  1. We went to the Keys this Christmas and loved. It is such a cool place. I definitely recommend taking a trolley tour in Key West because it is a great way to get around easily, gets lots of fun facts and history about the place and really entertaining. And try the Key Lime Pie. Kermit’s is really good.

    • Really, that’s awesome! Where did you take the tour from? I don’t think I’ve read anything about that yet. I definitely want to see as much as possible of the place while we’re there! And I’m definitely having Key lime pie – it’s one of my favorites!

  2. Gled dere! Har vært der, skal tilbake til Key West til sommeren! Everglades var morsomt, dere må ta sumpbåt! Legg merke til navnene på stedene nedover key’en. Vi stoppet på en skjell og korallbutikk på vei nedover, veldig mye fint der! Kjøpte hengekøye i Key West, den henger på verandaen min. Glad i den, savner bare mer sommer! He he!

    • Så gøy! Ja, vi skal absolutt ta en tur på en sumpbåt. Jeg gorde det en gang da jeg var mindre, og det var utrolig morro. Jeg sitter enda og søker etter steder vi vil se når vi er der 😛 Jeg gleder meg noe sinnsykt!

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