Revlon – Girly

I realize there’s been a ton of nail polish posts on the blog this past few days – I’m just in that kind of mood, I guess. This probably won’t be the last one either, because I have another one in mind as we speak. Anyway, here’s the second pink polish I bought the other day. Only $3.99 at Kroger.

I really like the way this looks after just one layer (no top coat). Just slightly pink and very girly.
But I had to see how it was with a few more layers, and after three it covered completely. The last layer should be a little thicker to get more of the glitter onto your nail. Strangely enough it looks almost purple by now – it must be all the purple specks. The polish was pretty good to work with, though.
This was honestly a little too much for me. I really like the polish, but it looks best after one layer.
In the end I added a little pink heart – in the spirit of Valentines day this Thursday.


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