My Hair Through The Years

So, here we have perm, straight hair, bangs, no bangs, highlights, almost black, almost orange (in the second one, though it’s hard to tell in that light – don’t dye your hair blond at home!), dark brown, light brown, and blond. Looking back, the perm and the highlights were definitely not my finest moments.

Oh, and none of these are my natural hair color! Haha. I would have to go too far back to find it in a picture. I think the one in the middle is closest, just a bit darker. Think a boring, mousy brown.
If you decide to do something similar on your blog, please let me know! I always think it’s fun to see how different people look with different hair styles. And don’t forget to share which one you wish you hadn’t done, hehe. We all have at least one of those, right?


7 thoughts on “My Hair Through The Years

  1. This is a nice idea for a post, but for me I think the hairstyle I currently have is the one that fits me better, so I wouldn’t show the previous ones 😛 I used to cut my own hair when I was in high school, obviously not the brightest idea one can have…

  2. Oh, I love these kinds of posts! I think the warmer shades (both dark and light) suit you best.

    I’ve had the whole spectrum of colours in my hair as well, have to see if I find some old pictures that I dare publish haha! 😀

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