Rings From Asos

Last fall I was hooked on bracelets and other “arm candy” and would browse weheartit and google for inspirational pictures, but now it’s all about rings! And I was surprised to see that I hardly own any. Up until now I’ve mostly bought bracelets and necklaces. So I went on Asos looking for a few cheap statement pieces to add to my collection.

I would love to own all of these!

I ended up with two sets of 12 rings for just thirty dollars (the shipping is free) – although I fell in love with a lot of others too. And they were here within a week! Why I haven’t I shopped at Asos before?asos_rings
Unfortunately, one of the silver cross rings were broken when I got it, but that’s when I figured out how great their customer service is. I filled out a “faulty item” form and six hours later I got an email saying that they had sent me a new one free of charge! And not just one ring – I get all five of them.


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