We’re Finally Here!

After getting off to a late start (we never leave when we’re planning to) we left Athens at about 5 o’clock. We were extremely excited to get going and sung along to the radio (loudly) – even while we ate Chick fil’a in the car to save time. But it’s a nine hour drive, so our energy didn’t last. After a gorgeous sunset we suddenly had another six hours left to drive. In the dark… I am so happy that Andy doesn’t mind driving, because it would have driven me crazy. I’m better at keeping him company (or at reading on my phone while he listens to music I don’t like). But around midnight we were back to being excited as we finally started recognizing our surroundings again!

Now we’re in bed at my grandparents house (they had left a welcome note on our door before going to sleep, since we were getting here so late). I’m exhausted and very happy that we won’t be driving anywhere until Saturday! Tomorrow is for relaxing and enjoying the first day of our spring break.

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