Greetings From the Beach!

After way too much laughing and one too many fruity drinks, I suddenly remembered that I also have a blog to update. And I should probably let you know that this might be a trend during the next week or so, because I plan to enjoy my vacation to the fullest!

We slept in after our terribly long drive last night, and didn’t get to the beach until about 1 pm.
But it worked out well, because it was a lot colder than we had expected. It was beautiful and sunny, but it was so windy that I kept my sweater on for most of the time.
The beach is popular in any weather, though. Every time we have been there people are surfing, going for walks, and enjoying the view. It’s a major tourist attraction, but I like it best when it’s not crowded.
After a couple of hours of tanning and fooling around we were more than ready to go.
And tomorrow morning we’re going to Miami! We’ve never been so it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Btw, me and Andy have a small bet going, so if I figure out how the polling thing on my blog works you have to come back to see my next post! May the best picture win!


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