Lunch in Fort Lauderdale

Oh, come on people! The poll in the last post didn’t go the way I had planned at all! I thought all the bloggers would be on my side… But, it’s not over yet – you should still vote!


If you ever stop by Fort Lauderdale you really need to take a walk down Las Olas Boulevard and see all their cute shops, and for lunch you need to eat at Big City Tavern. The food was absolutely delicious!
We got so much food that neither one of us could finish it all, though.
I just really wish we had time to stop by the beach while we were there, but we had to keep going to get to our hotel in Miami. On our way out we drove all the way to the ocean, and it was really weird to see people walking around in bikinis among the stores. The city was on one side of the road while the beach was on the other – and it was extremely crowded.

Also, you might want follow me on instagram while I’m on vacation – my username is TMVIKHOLT and I’ll be updating it more often than my blog.


2 thoughts on “Lunch in Fort Lauderdale

  1. that place is loaded with really high-end real estate on the intercoastal… Your trip is bringing back my childhood memories! enjoy!!
    oh, are you doing the full drive (4hr) down to the key west?

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