Pictures from Marathon

I’m taking a ton of pictures every day, but I hardly have any time to sit down and share them with you. There’s just too much to do! I’m actually surprised that we’ve even had Internet at all the hotels we’ve been at, because we were never that lucky in the past.

We got up at nine this morning to finally start driving toward the keys. The view from the bridges was amazing and the brightness of the water will never get old. We kept staring at it for the entire hour we were out there.
We even stopped along the way to take a couple pictures – and the water was nice and warm.
Our first stop is at Marathon and instead of the small hotel room we were expecting we got a condo almost as big as our apartment! It has a living room, two bathrooms, a tiny kitchen and a big bedroom. And it’s right on the water! This is the view right outside our door:
After we got settled in we found a nearby beach where I had my first swim of the year before I passed out in the heat and got a little sunburned. It was perfect!


6 thoughts on “Pictures from Marathon

  1. Wonderful about,Photography ,cooking ,fashion.Marathon a beautiful place to have a quite vacation ,nice pictures..Wishing you success .Jalal,

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