Travel Observations

Just a few random observations/discoveries I made while we were on spring break that I had to get off my chest. Because the beauty of seeing new places is that they are different from what you’re used to.

– There was A LOT of plastic surgery going on in Miami. I swear I even saw butt implants…

– You hear roosters everywhere you are in Key West. Be careful not to step on them.

– We saw (and heard) wild parrots in Fort Lauderdale.

– People practically hunt you down with offers and free drinks to get you to eat at their restaurants in South Beach. So you might as well take advantage of it (once you’ve seen them all).

– The Everglades looked like an African savannah in several places.

– There were a lot of people from Scandinavia in the Everglades. I even talked to a Danish couple.

– Just about every airboat service claimed to be “the original”.

– Thin high heels are a really bad idea when walking on docks.

– Running along the beach in the dark while tipsy is a lot of fun.

– It is windy EVERYWHERE in Florida. Where we went anyway. Bring a hair tie.

– People eat fried key lime pie. Seriously?!

– Very cheap hotels might have bed bugs. Check your mattress! We luckily got a new room.

– You can apparently drink in public in South Beach and Key West? At least people did. I just though that was a Vegas thing. Not that I’m complaining.

– Drawbridges are fun the first time. Then they get old fast.

– I hate toll roads…

– Jamaican style chicken is delicious! We had it at two different places, and they were both excellent.

– Eat at the local places. The food is new and exciting, and the service is way better.

– The sand in Miami is fine as sand while in the Keys it’s a lot more gritty.


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