OPI Liquid Sand – Get Your Number

I’ve seen the liquid sand polishes everywhere lately, but I just didn’t get around to buying one myself until yesterday. I thought the effect looked so cool I just had to try it out. Since blue is one of my favorite colors I ended up with Get Your Number from OPI, which is a gorgeous light blue (even though it looks dark blue in the bottle) with tons of glitter.

I started out with just one layer and actually thought it looked good even though it’s kinda see through.
Then I added another and was amazed at how pretty it was. And the formula is perfect! I imagined it being hard to apply, or at least a little annoying like most glitter polishes, but I had no trouble at all. In these pictures I haven’t even cleaned it up. The edges came out like that on first try.
Here you can see the texture a little better. Even though I’m in love with how it looks it still takes some getting used to. In the beginning it really just feels weird every time your nails touches anything.
So, in conclusion, I am definitely getting more of these!
Update: After 5 days this polish still looks amazing! (But it’s time for it to come off.)


6 thoughts on “OPI Liquid Sand – Get Your Number

  1. Great color. Looks good on you. I have to say, now that im looking at my nails – the texture seems to be different. Because it looks like you have fine grained sand as the base and some big sand grain inbetween. My polish is more like a one style material, if you understand what i mean. its interesting to see, how the brands created different kind of sand style polishes 😀

    • Yeah, I agree. There are a few larger specks, but they are all fairly small. The first one I picked up at the store actually had glitter hearts in it, so I think you can get it in all shapes and sizes. I thought they looked too big, though, this one’s my favorite 😀

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