Rings From Asos

Last fall I was hooked on bracelets and other “arm candy” and would browse weheartit and google for inspirational pictures, but now it’s all about rings! And I was surprised to see that I hardly own any. Up until now I’ve mostly bought bracelets and necklaces. So I went on Asos looking for a few cheap statement pieces to add to my collection.

I would love to own all of these!

I ended up with two sets of 12 rings for just thirty dollars (the shipping is free) – although I fell in love with a lot of others too. And they were here within a week! Why I haven’t I shopped at Asos before?asos_rings
Unfortunately, one of the silver cross rings were broken when I got it, but that’s when I figured out how great their customer service is. I filled out a “faulty item” form and six hours later I got an email saying that they had sent me a new one free of charge! And not just one ring – I get all five of them.

My Skull-Themed Giveaway

I just got my 200th WordPress follower (Thank you so much, Organized Scenery) and I’m celebrating with another giveaway! People seemed to like my last one, so I want to give it another shot. I appreciate all of you who stop by regularly to read my posts and leave me a comment, so here’s to you!

Last time I gave away a nail polish set, but this time I’m going for something else. I found this adorable skull bracelet at the mall and decided that it was the theme for this giveaway. The skull trend might not be quite as popular any longer (though it’s definitely not dead), but I think I have just not started catching on, so you’ll have to bear with me.
Then I found this cute scarf and decided it was perfect. It’s soft and long enough to easily wrap around your neck twice. I kind of want to keep it for myself, hehe. But a random winner of the scarf and bracelet will be drawn a week from today (next Thursday night) using Random.org. Good luck!

All you have to do to participate is:
– Like my facebook page.
– Leave a comment on this post with your email and facebook name included.
– PS: The giveaway is open world-wide!

Steve Madden in my Heart

I love these beauties! They are from the Madden Girl collection and I just got them at DSW in Atlanta the other day. I’ve wanted them for a while, but I always imagined them being a lot more expensive than they were. They were $60, but Maren also gave me a $5 DSW coupon.
They are so cute and comfortable, and goes great with just about any casual outfit. Up until this fall I hardly ever spent money on any shoes that didn’t have heels, but now I’ve gotten a new appreciation for looking great even when you’re not dressed up. A few accessories spices up any outfit.
You can also wear them folded down, and I love the simple, but colorful, pattern on the inside.

Cheap Arm Candy

First of all – I absolutely love this picture! And all other similar bracelet inspiration photographs.
accessories-braceletsBut in order to fill up both your arms with gorgeous bracelets for every outfit you would normally have to spend a ton of money. So I searched Amazon for a few good deals, and I wanted to share them all with you. (And, believe it or not, I actually managed not to buy a single one myself. For now.)
Number 1 // Number 2 // Number 3 // Number 4 // Number 5 // Number 6 // Number 7 // Number 8

And these are just a few. Let me know what you think!

Arm Candy

So, my latest obsessions are Michael Kors watches and homemade friendship bracelets. Their such great accessories – that go with everything – and the bracelets hardly cost anything at all (too bad I can’t say the same about the watches).

I absolutely love all of these! I found them using google’s image search, hehe.

I’ve spent the last 30 or so minutes looking through pictures of stacked bracelets for inspiration for DIY projects. I’ve already made a few basic ones, and I found a charm bracelet I didn’t use that I spiced up with a couple pieces of thread. What do you think?

It’s My Birthday Gift To Me!

Yep, that is definitely an Emperor’s New Groove quote, btw…

We had to go get my new watch re-sized today, since I couldn’t wait another minute to wear it. I might actually be slightly obsessed with it – or I at least really like how well it goes with my ring. But while we were there and waiting for them to take off one of the links I also fell completely in love with a necklace that was on display. (Okay, I promise I’m not actually as materialistic as I might sound right now, but I have to admit that I have a weakness for fashion and pretty things.) So by the time the watch was ready to go I was also the happy owner of a beautiful new accessory.

I absolutely love that you can wear it both ways as two completely different necklaces.

What do you think? I like the length since I already have a lot of longer necklaces.

More DIY Friendship Bracelets

I made a post about these friendship bracelets a while back, and now I wanted to make a few more. I’ve bought a whole bunch of embroidery thread, so these three will definitely not be the last ones either. I want them in every color to match whatever otfit I wear them with.

What do you think? I think my next one will be a Christmas colored one.

Since I’m not a very big fan of bracelets that have to be tied on I decided that this time I was putting clasps on them. I got them at Michael’s and simply tied them on each end and put a drop of super glue on it so that it wouldn’t come undone. Voilà. Now they are much easier to wear.

This scarf was actually my inspiration for the colors – well, except for the blues.