Birthday Festivities, Part 1

I woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose on Friday morning, but there was no way I could pass up going out to celebrate Maren’s birthday. We had an amazing time but, as I knew I would, I felt horrible when I woke up yesterday. Today my head is doing much better while my throat is worse. Oh well, it was worth it, and I’ll be back on my feet again in a couple days.

After dinner at 5 guys and a couple hot drinks at Manhattan, we headed over to the Globe. Maren and Lauren knew the bartender there which meant delicious, fruity drinks at a greatly reduced price.
Oh, and this is what happens when a bartender gives red roses to three tipsy girls. We have a ton of similar pictures, but I doubt you’ll find them quite as funny as we did, hehe.
Andy and Bret kept us company and made sure we got home safely. We ended the night with way too much taco bell and a private dance party in Maren’s living room. Ah, when can we do this again?!
Now I just need to get better before this weekend, when the actual birthday party is!

Mardi Gras Birthday Party

Yesterday was Joe’s surprise birthday party – and also Mardi Gras. So Maria and Kristen combined them both into a big surprise party. The food and dessert was all from Louisiana, though, since that’s where Joe’s from. I think we ended up being 12 people, and I definitely had a great time.

Waiting for the birthday boy to get here. Turns out it was only the neighbors walking up the stairs.
There was so much delicious food – they were all Louisiana specialties, like gumbo and Jambalaya.
Here’s the Jambalaya me and Andy made. I had never tried it before, but I loved it! It’s spicy and delicious, with chicken, shrimp and Andouille sausage. I’m going to post the recipe later tonight.
And for dessert there was King cake (another thing I’d never heard of before). It was sweet and tasted a bit like cinnamon – very good. I first thought they were joking when they says there was supposed to be a “baby” inside the cake (a tiny plastic one). And apparently whoever gets it has to bring the cake for next years party. We didn’t find it until we had eaten the whole thing!

Sunset in Athens

This might be the most beautiful sunset I have seen in a long time. I wasn’t lucky enough to see it myself, but I woke up this morning and found these pictures on my camera. I’m just glad Andy thought to capture it. Anyway, these pictures were just too gorgeous not to share!
I always wish it would last longer, though. Two minutes after you see something like this, it’s gone.

Georgia Bulldogs!

This year I didn’t apply for season tickets to the Georgia football games, even though I’ve had them for the last two years. But that doesn’t mean I’m not at home cheering for the Bulldogs whenever a game is on! GO DAWGS! Today we’re playing Vanderbilt, an unranked team, so we should do just fine. At the moment we’re actually ranked fifth ourselves, so as long as we don’t mess it up this could be a great season.

Here are a few pictures from one of last year’s games. It was so much fun.

Okay, right now I’m a little jealous of Andy and his friends who are going to the game.

Hairy the Bulldog; our lovely mascot.

We completely crushed them – but this year we’re even better. We’ve won our first 3 games.