Beach Fashion

I’ve been spending a lot of time planning and fantasizing about our spring break trip lately – I even went shopping for sunscreen, band aids, and a new bikini the other day, haha. And my mom will probably not believe me when I say that I’ve already started packing. Towels, swimsuits, and sunscreen – check! I mean, planning the trip is half the fun. After that I went on to making a packing list of what to bring, and I’ve been stuck looking at pictures of beach/summer outfits on pinterest ever since. Time to bring out my summer wardrobe! Relaxing on the beach doesn’t mean you can’t look good, right?

When I think “vacation” I think of lace, flowy skirts, pastels, and sun dresses. Everything I like to wear in Florida is easy, comfortable, and cute. So here’s my inspirational collage for packing, hehe.
The corner pictures are from, btw. You should definitely check out her gorgeous pictures.

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe has become one of my favorite places to shop in Athens (not that there are that many options here), especially when it comes to summer clothes. They have so many cute and colorful clothes, and it’s all in my price range. I stopped by there a few days ago to look for stuff for spring break, but I ended up with two cute sweaters on sale instead. They always have several clearance racks from the previous season, and I can never leave without taking a look at them. I’ll definitely be back, though, because their spring selection has just started coming in!
I also bought this adorable summer dress, but I’m not going to wear it until our Key West trip!

January Wishlist

I know it’s still winter, but my mind is already on spring, summer, and vacations. It has been ever since Christmas was over. I can’t wait for the weather to heat up so that I can go shopping again.


1. ASOS Navy Bikini | 2. Jeffrey Campbell Perfect 2 | 3. Jeffrey Campbell Perfect WD | 4. Almost Rosey Dress | 5. Hang Loose Muscle Tee | 6. Unchained Dress | 7. Studded Bucket Bag | 8. Tan Boots | 9. Cross Bracelet | 10. Jungle Bikini | 11. Rose Bloom Skirt | 12. ASOS Bag | 13. Cross Waist Belt

Summer Tops

Ah, I can’t wait for spring so that I can wear all my favorite, colorful tops and shorts again! Although the weather has been strangely warm in Athens lately – I’ve seen several people wearing t-shirts.
I can never get enough cute, lacy, or colorful tops. It’s one of my shopping weaknesses (along with shoes). No matter how many I have, I always need a few more. What is the one thing you always keep buying more of?

Today’s Great Deal

Closing sale at Sears means Converses for $19 and running shoes for $17! I’ve needed both for a while.
And I’ve always loved the mix of dark gray and bright colors (preferably neon) in running shoes.
Andy was just sad that all the shoes in his size were gone, hehe.

Blouses Galore!

So I think you can safely say that I’m in love with flowy, see-through blouses. These are the seven that are in my closet as we speak, and I suspect there might be a couple more lying around somewhere..
Every time I walk by a cute blouse that I don’t already own I want to add it to my “collection”!
I love pairing them all with cute skirts; although they go great with casual jeans too. Don’t you agree?
Blouses, tights, and sweater skirts (not necessarily together) are definitely my favorite items of clothing right now. What is your current fashion obsession? Or something you tend to buy too many of?

Social Media and Blogging

Blogging has become extremely popular during the last few years, and there are thousands of blogs out there on whatever topic you might like to read about. Because of the large volume of content it is therefore hard to attract readers to one specific blog. So, a lot of people think it’s important to use whatever social media out there to spread their name. Well, here are the three I use most:

– I hardly know anyone between 15 and 50 that doesn’t use facebook almost daily by now, so why not take advantage of it? Create a a page for your blog that people can like.
– Every time I post something on my blog I link to it on my facebook page so that everyone who likes my blog can see that there is an update to read. That way they don’t need to stop by my blog unnecessarily.
– You can also create “photo albums” with your favorite pictures from your blog, that way your readers can easily see them all in one place. I also love good pictures on a blog, so if I find a facebook page with pictures I love I am more likely to stop by the blog itself.
– I do keep my personal facebook profile private, though, which is something I would recommend. Only friends and family can see my information, pictures, and personal updates.

– Again, I love pictures. So I think instagram is a fun way of sharing updates.
– I normally update my instagram account about once a day (sometimes less) – unless I’m traveling or doing something fun, so that I have more fun pictures to share. I don’t post just for the sake of posting.
– I save pictures I like on my computer to a dropbox folder so that I can use them on my phone.
– I would rather edit my pictures ahead of time instead of using the instagram effects.
– I’ve connected instagram to my facebook page so that people who like my page can see all my updates.

– I follow family, friends, and bloggers on twitter, so that I can see their personal updates.
– Everything I post to my facebook page is automatically posted to my twitter account.
– I don’t actually use twitter a whole lot, except for sharing my blog updates. But I do think it’s fun for short updates when I’m out traveling, or cute quotes and sayings that you want to share. And my updates also post to my personal facebook page so that I don’t have to update things more than once.

I think Twitter and Instagram is a fun blog tool for when you don’t have time (or enough content) to write an entire blog post. And if you have a popular blog then I’m sure your readers want to hear from you at all times of the day (don’t ask me why, though). They are also – in addition to your facebook page – a great way to let people know that there is new content on your blog.

Oh! There is also Bloglovin, where you can follow all your favorite blogs – no matter what platform they post from – and get updates whenever they post something new. That way you only have to check one website instead every single blog you read.