Instagram – Summer

Ah, am I the only one missing summer right about now? And shorts, skirts, beaches, tans, strawberries… I could go on and on. Especially on sunny days like today. I’m just glad I have our spring break road trip to Key West to look forward to! Planning it automatically puts me in a good mood.

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Are anyone else as obsessed with Instagram as I am? I have always loved pictures (on blogs, facebook, or whatever) and this is the perfect medium to share them on-the-go. I don’t use it quite as much in everyday situations, but I always share a bunch of pictures when I’m on vacation, and I like seeing what my friends are up to this way. And, of course, the included photo editing options are very fun. So if you love this app as much as I do, please share your Instagram name with me in a comment and I will take a look! Mine is TMVIKHOLT, and feel free to stop by.

Here is a huge collage with pictures from my vacations this summer – although I took a lot more than this. First I went to Florida with my maid-of-honor, Madelen, then me and Andy went to California, Vegas, and New York on our honeymoon.