Wedding Pictures – Just Married

One of the first pictures taken of us as a married couple. Can you tell that I look a little dazed?

These next pictures are actually some of my favorite ones from the whole day (though I have a lot of ‘favorites’ by now, hehe). We were waiting in the back for our guests to go to the reception area, so that we could head back into the church for family pictures. This was where family and bridesmaids got to congratulate us, and the first few minutes that I spent with my husband. I remember that it still hadn’t quite hit me. I was just walking around with a big grin on my face and I had an overwhelming feeling of just being happy.

Me and my dad. He might actually have been the first one to hug me after the ceremony.

I think Isaac, one of the groomsmen, hurried to get us water as soon as we got back here.

Today is actually our 4 year anniversary as a couple, so I thought it was a good day for these pictures.

Aww, I love you.

One thing I have noticed while looking through all of our wedding pictures is how many of the details that I have just simply forgotten. What I remember more is what mood I was in and how great I thought everything was going, but I can’t for the life of me remember exactly when I decided to change out of my heels in favor of sandals. Not that those things actually matter, but I just think it’s funny how overwhelmed you are when everything is going on.

Date Night

I was just looking through some of my old pictures and found these from when me and Andy went out in May. I have to say that I really like the outfit (not to be full of myself or anything, haha). The skirt is still one of my favorites, and I love the shoes.

Anyway, date night was what I really wanted to talk about. Me an Andy normally go out about 2-3 times a month, and I really love these nights. First of all, we always make sure to dress up. I really think people do that way too little in everyday life. It underlines the fact that it’s a special night, and nothing makes you feel better than knowing that you look good. When you go out on a date together (and you should never stop dating no matter how long you’ve been together) you should dress up for each other, and do all the little things to make your significant other feel good. Complement each other, tell them you love them, and go to a place that serves their favorite food.

Actually, this is especially important if you have been together for a long time, because it gets very easy to take your boyfriend/girlfriend for granted. And after a while the only “special” thing you do together is curl up on the couch to watch a movie (in your pajamas and without any makeup). I think people have gotten too lazy lately, and date night is a perfect remedy for that. In short, just make sure you have some time every month to show each other how in love your still are.

Sushi is one of my favorites, and it has been ever since I discovered Utage in Athens – sooo good!

Skirt and Jewelry: Body Central. Shoes: True Religion. The rest I’m not sure about.

To The Rest Of Our Lives Together

This might sound weird, but I really don’t feel like I’ve had time to let everything sink in until right now. We’re back home from our honeymoon, we’ve started cleaning up our apartment from gifts and clutter, and we have nothing left to do other than send out our thank-you cards. I can finally relax, and I’m sitting here with this ridiculous grin on my face, thinking “we’re actually married!”

People kept telling me that things might get a little weird after the wedding. Right after all the excitement had worn off, and there was nothing “special” to look forward to, you know? They told me that was nothing to worry about, and that it is actually fairly common. But to be honest, I have had the exact opposite happen. I have always looked forward to the rest of our lives together, but now it just seems more real. And there is no doubt in my mind that I have just made the best choice in my life. There is nothing left to worry about – so this last week I have just been smiling instead!

This was taken outside of the old house we rented for the reception. It was so antique and gorgeous.