Luxury vs. Budget – Cartoon Shirts

Lately shirts and sweaters with cartoon prints have become increasingly popular (well, so has clutches, shoes, and everything else with cartoon prints). And even though I don’t think this is a trend I am going to embrace myself, I have still been looking around at the different styles. Phillip Lim’s new collection and Markus Lupfer’s new sweaters are all proof of how the trend is spreading.

However, like with all trends, it is the big brand names that make them popular. Which means that their products are going to be extremely expensive. I mean, would you really pay over four hundred dollars for the blue sweater below – just for the brand name? I sure wouldn’t. So when new trends arrive I look around for cheaper alternatives. They might not look exactly the same, but they are similar and my wallet always loves them much more than the originals.

Phillip Lim – $220 | Markus Lupfer – $427

ASOS – $28.14 | River Island at ASOS – $35.18

I got the first picture and the idea for this post from the blog And if you happen to be a Norwegian/European reader, there is also THIS t-shirt from for around $52 (as far as I can tell Nelly does not ship to the US).