Our Wedding in a Magazine!

The first ten pages include details from ten different weddings, including pictures, color choices, best moments, and advice from the brides. I really enjoyed reading about all the different celebrations.

I know this is still hard to read in this picture, but if you’re really curious you can give it a try, hehe.

My Family

I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since our wedding! I still get all gooey eyed every time I think about it. So I figured this was a good time to post a few more wedding pictures. I still have a ton of them lying around, but I figured you’d get bored if I posted them all at once. This time I was looking through the photos of me and my family. I’ve been missing them all a lot lately – my wedding was actually the last time I saw them. It was an amazing day, and I’m so glad I got to share it with them.
205078I love you both so much! The day definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you!200

Wedding Pictures – Our Rings

I absolutely love my engagement ring. And what makes it even more special (what it represents makes it special already, of course) is the fact that it’s a family heirloom. It used to be Andy’s great grandmother’s, and it is almost 100 years old. I can’t believe his family – and Andy – were willing to give it to me, but I am very thankful that they did. I still catch myself staring at it every single day, even though it is now more than a year and a half since Andy put it on my finger.

By now it is joined by a lovely wedding band, though.

And here are both of our rings together. We got his ring and my wedding band at Kay’s.

They are absolutely perfect for us!

The last two pictures are by Blane Marable Photography, the first one by me.

There is a story behind all three of the rings, though. We actually bought Andy’s wedding band before we were even engaged…! So I guess you could say that we were pretty sure it was going to happen. We had completely fallen in love with it, and we had to have it when it suddenly came on sale. And we had decided that we weren’t going to buy a wedding band for me, because we thought the ring was so unique and antique by itself, and we hadn’t found anything that we thought went well with it. But just 12 days before the wedding, we were shopping to take our mind off all the planning, we happened to stop by Kay’s. And what did we find? Yes, the perfect wedding band for my ring. So we got them both re-sized in just a week, and I was freaking out the whole time.

But, of course, it all worked out perfectly!

Wedding Pictures – Being Silly

Okay, so I was looking through our wedding photos (for approximately the 100th time) and just about laughed out loud when I found this one. The photographer had asked me to pretend to smell some flowers; and what did I do? I shoved my entire face straight into them. And it turned out that they were pretty much dripping with pollen, which meant that I had some nice yellow streaks added to my makeup.

What do you think? Should I make it a new trend?

I had to run back inside and wash my face before we could take any more pictures, but I still like the picture a lot. And the reason why is that we were having fun! Who said wedding pictures had to be all serious? In the pictures we took right after the ceremony I definitely looked a bit stiff, because I was nervous and not quite sure what I should be doing. But as the day went on and we took breaks to go outside for pictures, my mood completely changed. This was our day and I was having fun. I wanted the pictures to show how happy we were, and I am very glad that we got some photos that are pretty much just silly. I want to be able to look at them years from now and remember the mood we were in at that exact moment.

I also really like this one where I am laughing and showing Andy what I did to my face.

And I think Andy and the photographer might have been making fun of me while I was inside washing my face, because after this there are a whole bunch of silly pictures of Andy posing with my bouquet.

Do you agree? Aren’t the best memories from moments where you are having fun?

Wedding Pictures – Arriving at the Reception

My uncle’s car, decorated and ready to go, outside the church.

Arriving behind the house after we were done taking pictures by the church.

I love that they decorated it with both Norwegian and American flags. Both countries united, hehe.

And here we’re just walking into the reception area. The reception was in an antique old hose that we absolutely loved, and the dinner was downstairs in the living room area.

I remember that I still couldn’t really believe it. All these people were here just for us!

Pictures by Blane Marable Photography.

Wedding Pictures – The Wedding Party

First of all I just want to thank everyone in our wedding party for being there with us on our wedding day. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you! I can only speak for myself, but it made me feel very loved and special to have you share this day with me. We had picked friends and family who meant something special to us, and some even had to travel very far just to be there for the weekend. And we appreciated it more than you know!

Madelen, my maid-of-honor, was definitely one of the most important people for me that day.

She had everything planned and helped me throughout the day. What would I do without you?

Merrie, Lene, Madelen, and me. Just an hour or so before the ceremony.

And the guys. I can’t help to laugh when I look through their pictures; more than half of them are silly. I still have a bunch of regular “stand-still-and-smile” pictures, but I actually like the others best. None of them are especially serious in real life so these just seem more real.

Patrick, Luke (Andy’s brother and best man), Andy, Isaac, and Nick.

This picture just cracks me up – I had to include it! It’s really just a bit weird though.

Pictures by Blane Marable.

Wedding Pictures – The Flowers

We got all our flowers delivered by Athens Floral Boutique (we worked with Dean, who was amazing). We didn’t know much about flowers ourselves, and the first time we showed up we only knew that we wanted red and white flowers. Dean showed us a lot of different pictures, along with actual flower arrangements, and he had several different ideas that would fit for our price range. In the end we got more than we had expected, and I love looking through the pictures of them.

My wedding bouquet along with the three bridesmaid bouquets.

In Norway there is a tradition where the groom picks out the wedding bouquet for his bride-to-be, and this was one of the things we decided to include. We had discussed the color theme and what types of flowers we liked, but other than that Andy came up with it all on his own. I absolutely love it!

The bridesmaid bouquets had red gerbers instead of roses (the maid of honor had one more).

My bouquet and the table center pieces.

The flowers on our wedding cake. There were also red and white rose petals all over the table.

Pictures by Claire Diana Photography.