Good Morning

Or afternoon, I guess. Right now we’re lying on south beach surrounded by hundreds of people, just enjoying life. You have no idea how gorgeous it is here!


Lunch in Fort Lauderdale

Oh, come on people! The poll in the last post didn’t go the way I had planned at all! I thought all the bloggers would be on my side… But, it’s not over yet – you should still vote!


If you ever stop by Fort Lauderdale you really need to take a walk down Las Olas Boulevard and see all their cute shops, and for lunch you need to eat at Big City Tavern. The food was absolutely delicious!
We got so much food that neither one of us could finish it all, though.
I just really wish we had time to stop by the beach while we were there, but we had to keep going to get to our hotel in Miami. On our way out we drove all the way to the ocean, and it was really weird to see people walking around in bikinis among the stores. The city was on one side of the road while the beach was on the other – and it was extremely crowded.

Also, you might want follow me on instagram while I’m on vacation – my username is TMVIKHOLT and I’ll be updating it more often than my blog.

Greetings From the Beach!

After way too much laughing and one too many fruity drinks, I suddenly remembered that I also have a blog to update. And I should probably let you know that this might be a trend during the next week or so, because I plan to enjoy my vacation to the fullest!

We slept in after our terribly long drive last night, and didn’t get to the beach until about 1 pm.
But it worked out well, because it was a lot colder than we had expected. It was beautiful and sunny, but it was so windy that I kept my sweater on for most of the time.
The beach is popular in any weather, though. Every time we have been there people are surfing, going for walks, and enjoying the view. It’s a major tourist attraction, but I like it best when it’s not crowded.
After a couple of hours of tanning and fooling around we were more than ready to go.
And tomorrow morning we’re going to Miami! We’ve never been so it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Btw, me and Andy have a small bet going, so if I figure out how the polling thing on my blog works you have to come back to see my next post! May the best picture win!


Me and Andy just decided on our plans for our nest spring break! We normally spend it in Melbourne at my family’s place, but this time we want to see a bit more of Florida while we’re there. Andy has two extra days off, so we have 11 days of road tripping from Athens to Key West! I can’t wait!

And, like always, it got me looking through some of our old travel pictures. Here are some from 2012.

My 2012 Travels

I can’t believe that it’s December already! The year is almost over and I can’t help to think about everything that has happened in 2012. It has, without a doubt, been the most eventful and exciting year of my life! I mean, it’s not every year you get married to the man you love. Things went by so fast, and I went through ups and down while being stressed out and ecstatic at the same time. But I still had time to sit down and enjoy it all. And I have pictures that make me smile all over again.

Except for our wedding the most exciting part of this year has been all the places I’ve seen with Andy. I absolutely love traveling, and this has been my busiest year so far. I hope it will only get better.

I don’t have any plans for 2013 just yet, but I have a ton of ideas. I always try to go into a new year thinking it’s going to be the best year ever (although this past summer will be hard to top). It’s all about your attitude, right? Well, I hope to see a few more places for the first time.

Charleston in Pictures

Okay, this is the last post about our Charleston trip – I promise! We just had a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect the whole weekend; sunny and a clear sky. Which is why all the pictures turned out so colorful. I can already see a new scrapbook being made, hehe. Anyway, here are the pictures:

One of my favorite places was the White Point Garden. The park was absolute gorgeous.