A Laid-Back Sunday

We started the day at 9 o’clock to a blazing fire alarm going off through our entire apartment complex… Since we were already awake, we figured we’d make the most of it and get up. So I jumped in the shower and we went out for an Indian buffet. It was actually a great start to the day – it was delicious!

I really hate how see-through my tights look in these pictures. They are slightly sheer, but in no way as bad as this – that’s all thanks to the flash. I really need to get better at taking pictures while the sun is up.
Shirt and Tights: Target. Necklace: Body Central. Shorts: Macy’s. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.
We honestly haven’t eaten any real food all day. Andy had a basketball game at 5 and then we all went out for Mexican food to celebrate. And now we’re drinking a smoothie in front of the tv, hehe.
Also, fun incident: We were starting up Netflix when Andy got annoyed that I kept stealing his smoothie, so he said “Xbox, play something Maria doesn’t like!”. Aaand the Xbox immediately starts playing Woody Allan: A Documentary… Our kinect is really living it’s own life. It was hilarious at the time, because that’s definitely not something I’d watch.


Black and Blue

I’ve loved wearing colorful bras and tank tops under flowy see-through blouses ever since spring came around, and the cold isn’t stopping me now, hehe. I have a long black coat that goes great with just about any outfit, and it keeps me warm even when I like to dress like it’s still summer. It’s not like I’m planning to spend my entire day outside anyway, so I dress for when I’m inside.
I found this skirt at Forever 21 and fell in love with it instantly! Such a statement piece.
I had almost forgotten that I had these cute booties lying around, but now they’re back in rotation.
I really like the way my eye shadow turned out here. It might be a bit much, but sometimes it’s fun to play around with makeup! I use Too Faced’s Natural Eye Shadow collection just about every day.
Bra Top, Blouse, and Booties: Charlotte Russe. Skirt: Forever 21. Tights: Nordstrom Rack.

My First Try At Taped Nails

I’ve never quite gotten the hang at taped nails (where you tape some part of your nails while applying another color to the rest of them), but I figured I’d give it another try today. Workplaypolish told me to remove the tape as soon as the new polish is applied (instead of waiting until it’s dry), and it worked a lot better than my previous attempts. I still need some practice before it’s perfect, though.

I used Revlon “all fired up” and OPI “obscurity”. And a top coat for a nice finish.

(Oh, and can you see the wonderful big bruise on my thumb? I have no idea how that happened.)

Semi-Casual Wednesday

I’ve only had this studded shirt for a few days, but it’s already one of my favorites. It’s fitted without being tight, and that, in addition to it being black, gives it a bit of a slimming effect. Oh, and it’s also just very soft and comfortable. You can probably still find it at Target for $20.

I also really like black, gold, and burgundy together (although the pants look kind of purple here).

What do you think? I like coming up with warmer outfits that are still cute.

Shirt: Target. Jeans: Macy’s. Boots: Jeffrey Campbell.

My Latest Splurge

Me and Maren went to Target the other day. I was only planning on buying a couple things, and somehow I came home with all of this! That really is how most of my shopping trips go, tough… And the worst thing is that I didn’t even get what I wanted in the first place! (Which was a few new pairs of tights now that fall has finally caught up with Georgia. I guess I’ll just have to get them some other time.)

I also always end up with a bunch of smaller things that are all cheap, but that add up in the end (I bet I’m not alone in that). This time I wanted laundry bags for underwear and delicate’s – I really recommend them if you’re tired of hand-washing your clothes – but I also ended up with gloves, socks, and an acne body scrub (my skin acts up during fall, and I’ve heard that this will help – I’ll let you know if it does).

These amazing fluffy slippers have hardly left my feet since I brought them home. I think I’m in love. They are so soft cozy and will definitely keep me warm this winter.

However, my favorite will have to be this black shirt with a studded collar (although it won’t be worn hardly as much as the slippers). It is cute, casual, and comfortable, with a bit of an edge to it.

What is your worst shopping habit? Mine is to not decide on how much I’m spending beforehand…

Black and Red – The Georgia Colors

Today I went for something classy and simple, since I had a bunch of errands to run. But I also wanted it to be warm , because it’s been freezing here ever since the hurricane Sandy came around – don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful that our only problem is a bit of cold and wind. And I hope everyone effected makes it through alright.

Hey, at least the wind makes my hair look good, haha. Just kidding. But I think from now on I should try to take these picture before my errands, because I look like a ghost when using flash in the dark.

Victoria got me this top for Christmas, she knows how much I like tops with an open back.

Right now I’m curled up on the couch, drinking mocha, and writing this year’s Christmas list. This black and red outfit and my previous post has kind of put me in the Christmas mood.

Cardigan: Wet Seal. Scarf: Target. Skirt: Pitaya. Shoes: Chaps. Oh, and Dolce Gusto coffee – delicious!