Tuesday’s Caual Outfit

Here’s the whole outfit from yesterday’s post. A lot of red and black going on, those seem to be my go-to color choices lately. Well, that’s actually been my favorite combination all winter.
Which colors do you often end up with in your day-to-day outfits? Any favorites?
Now I’m heading over to Maren’s place for a girls night. Have a great Wednesday everyone!
Blouse: Forever 21. Jeans & Necklace: Body Central. Rings: Asos. Shoes: Converse.

Summer Tops

Ah, I can’t wait for spring so that I can wear all my favorite, colorful tops and shorts again! Although the weather has been strangely warm in Athens lately – I’ve seen several people wearing t-shirts.
I can never get enough cute, lacy, or colorful tops. It’s one of my shopping weaknesses (along with shoes). No matter how many I have, I always need a few more. What is the one thing you always keep buying more of?

Christmas Party

I had too much fun earlier today to update the blog, but since the world didn’t end after all (who would have known?) I suppose I’ll just do it now instead. Today (well, yesterday by now) was the Talian family’s open house Christmas party. It started at 5:30 and everyone could show up whenever they wanted throughout the night.

This was the dining room table about 30 minutes before everything was ready – the ham and barbecue was still missing. There was more food than you could imagine, and every time I walked by there was more of it instead of less since people kept bringing their own dishes! I helped myself to about three big servings in a 6 hour period, and I already want more just from looking at this picture!
There were so many people there for the first few hours that you could hardly even move through the house, but the mood was great and everyone had a fun time. I got to meet several friends of the family.
IMG_4771Then the mandatory Christmas tree pictures. This is my lovely brother and siter-in-law, by the way.
And, on a random note, I just really love the back of this blouse! Open back and lace ❤

Blouses Galore!

So I think you can safely say that I’m in love with flowy, see-through blouses. These are the seven that are in my closet as we speak, and I suspect there might be a couple more lying around somewhere..
Every time I walk by a cute blouse that I don’t already own I want to add it to my “collection”!
I love pairing them all with cute skirts; although they go great with casual jeans too. Don’t you agree?
Blouses, tights, and sweater skirts (not necessarily together) are definitely my favorite items of clothing right now. What is your current fashion obsession? Or something you tend to buy too many of?

Black and Blue

I’ve loved wearing colorful bras and tank tops under flowy see-through blouses ever since spring came around, and the cold isn’t stopping me now, hehe. I have a long black coat that goes great with just about any outfit, and it keeps me warm even when I like to dress like it’s still summer. It’s not like I’m planning to spend my entire day outside anyway, so I dress for when I’m inside.
I found this skirt at Forever 21 and fell in love with it instantly! Such a statement piece.
I had almost forgotten that I had these cute booties lying around, but now they’re back in rotation.
I really like the way my eye shadow turned out here. It might be a bit much, but sometimes it’s fun to play around with makeup! I use Too Faced’s Natural Eye Shadow collection just about every day.
Bra Top, Blouse, and Booties: Charlotte Russe. Skirt: Forever 21. Tights: Nordstrom Rack.

Another Sweater Skirt

I went for the blouse, sweater skirt, and tights combo again today. It’s simple and comfortable, and I wanted something that would keep me warm when we went out to dinner. We’ve been out and about most of the time we’ve been here (it’s been wonderful), and I didn’t care to spend any extra time worrying about how I looked. The only thing I didn’t like was the tights – they really didn’t match – but they were thick and warm, which was my priority.

I found the necklace at the Charleston city market on Friday, along with two other ones. They were all handmade and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. Can you say “impulse buyer”?

Blouse and skirt: Body Central. Purse: JC Penny. Boots: Journey’s.

Yesterday’s Outfit

Ah, we’ve had an awesome first day in Charleston. Delicious food, good drinks, and great friends.

I suppose heels might have worked better with this outfit, but I wanted to wear something comfortable while walking around the city. I actually kind of like the mix though. What do you think?

Shirt and Tights: Forever 21. Skirt: Target. Boots: Nordstrom Rack.