Tuesday’s Caual Outfit

Here’s the whole outfit from yesterday’s post. A lot of red and black going on, those seem to be my go-to color choices lately. Well, that’s actually been my favorite combination all winter.
Which colors do you often end up with in your day-to-day outfits? Any favorites?
Now I’m heading over to Maren’s place for a girls night. Have a great Wednesday everyone!
Blouse: Forever 21. Jeans & Necklace: Body Central. Rings: Asos. Shoes: Converse.


Boyfriend Jeans

Yesterday’s laid-back outfit. I think I was going for comfy, yet cute.
I’ve had these jeans forever and they are definitely too big on me, but they are so comfortable that I can’t get rid of them. And I’ve completely fallen in love with this new sweater. So warm and soft.
And, hey, I add heels to everything. Although this would look better with my black converses.
Sweater: Charlotte Russe. Bracelets: Aldo. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

Daylight Outfit Pictures

I decided that I’m going to start taking more laid-back, everyday outfit pictures from no on. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them. There is no reason to only post whenever I’m dressed up to go somewhere, right?
Most days I go for a semi-casual look, but I like feeling a bit dressed up – thus the heels and makeup.
For once I got around to taking the pictures before the sun went down! I like the result so much better.
Tank Top: Gina Tricot. Top: Wet Seal. Jeans: Body Central. Boots: DSW.

Casual and Comfy Outfit

I haven’t been feeling great lately (the doctor told me I have bronchitis, but it’s been 8 weeks and if anything I am feeling worse instead of better) and I’ve spent more than a little of my spare time curled up in bed with a good book instead of being social. So the other day Andy dragged me out of bed and took me out to eat sushi. He thought a change of scenery would be nice, and he was absolutely right. By the time we came back home my mood was way better and we spent the rest of the night on the couch watching a movie together. Andy always knows how to cheer me up.

Lace shorts and stockings: Amsterdam Boutique. Top: Charlotte Russe. Bracelet: Aldo.