New Nail Polishes

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! And that your weather is better than mine. Just when I thought spring was coming I got freezing rain instead. But UPS definitely improved my day yesterday!

I mentioned the nail polishes I ordered from Amazon in yesterday’s giveaway post. They weren’t supposed to be here until next week, but here they are! It was definitely an impulse buy, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw that 24 polishes were only $30 (shipping included)! I actually wasn’t ready to take off my beautiful liquid sand polish (which still looks great after 5 days), but I’m so excited to try out this new brand that I just have to.

I’ve never heard of Shany Cosmetics, and I’m a little worried because they are so cheap, but they got surprisingly good reviews online. And look at this pretty box that they came in!
I think I was expecting small sample sizes, but these are all 0.5 oz, and in every color imaginable!
You can look forward to lots of swatches to come!


Ciaté Sequined Nails

I got this Ciaté sequin set from Sephora a while ago and kind of forgot about it until now. It was so unique that I just had to try it out. And right now it’s on sale for just $13!
I started out with the pale pink Pure Ice Taupe Drawer as a base coat – it’s such a cute shade. The sequins are so over the top that I wanted the rest of the manicure to be more neutral. There is no pink in the glitter, but I still think I like the match.
I got a bit too many sequins on my ring finger, which annoys me to no end! You definitely have to make sure to brush off all the excessive glitter rigt away after dipping your finger in it.
Afterward I applied a strip of the glitter grip polish to the tip of my thumb nail. When I had topped it off with a top coat I added individual specks of glitter to add a gradient effect. What do you think?
It’s not exactly an everyday manicure, but I think it’s very fun! Now I just want to see how long it actually lasts on your nails, because I have a feeling that it might start falling off after a day or two.

Multicolored Dotted Nails

I was inspired by an instagram picture from YoungWildandPolished, and decided to copy the look in with slightly different colors. Btw, if you haven’t checked out her account already, I would definitely recommend it! Or you can stop by her blog.

This fun manicure definitely made me feel a bit better on an otherwise crappy day. I normally stick to comfort eating when I’m sick, but that is useless when you can’t taste anything, haha! So nail polish it is!
I used Sally Hansen Black Out for the base (I’m not a fan of it, but it’s the only black polish I’ve got), and Pure Ice Crimson, New Lilac, and Heartbreaker for the dots. I think the green glitter was really fun on top of the black, even though it’s a little bit hard to see. I need to try it out again.
Your can see Heartbreaker (the green glitter) easier in the shots with a flash. I love the shine.
What do you think? Anyway, now I’m headed back to bed. Good night!

Summer Tops

Ah, I can’t wait for spring so that I can wear all my favorite, colorful tops and shorts again! Although the weather has been strangely warm in Athens lately – I’ve seen several people wearing t-shirts.
I can never get enough cute, lacy, or colorful tops. It’s one of my shopping weaknesses (along with shoes). No matter how many I have, I always need a few more. What is the one thing you always keep buying more of?

A Colorful Mood

Today has been very gray and rainy, and though I’m feeling a bit better, I’m still sniffling and coughing. So, even though I only had a couple errands to run, I felt like doing my makeup and dressing extra colorful just to cheer myself up. And you know what? I actually think it helped. I just finished dinner and I’m relaxing with a couple episodes of Gossip Girl. And I’m feeling pretty great.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend! I think I’m going to take it easy for a few more days.
Scarf: Target. Top: Charlotte Russe. Watch: Michael Kors. Jeans: Macy’s. Boots: Nordstrom Rack.

Blouses Galore!

So I think you can safely say that I’m in love with flowy, see-through blouses. These are the seven that are in my closet as we speak, and I suspect there might be a couple more lying around somewhere..
Every time I walk by a cute blouse that I don’t already own I want to add it to my “collection”!
I love pairing them all with cute skirts; although they go great with casual jeans too. Don’t you agree?
Blouses, tights, and sweater skirts (not necessarily together) are definitely my favorite items of clothing right now. What is your current fashion obsession? Or something you tend to buy too many of?

Oasap Online Store

I had never heard of this store until I saw Joana’s giveaway at, but now I’ve completely fallen in love with it! Especially with their amazingly cozy and knitted winter sweaters. So my Friday tip this week is to take a minute and stop by – It is definitely my kind of store. There are so many sweaters that I want already, these nine are just a few of them.

Sweater 1 // Sweater 2 // Sweater 3
Sweater 4 // Sweater 5 // Sweater 6
Sweater 7 // Sweater 8 // Sweater 9 (Ahh, I want all of these three so bad – especially number 7.)

Well, there really isn’t a single one of these that I don’t want (in addition to a ton of others on their website). But so far my absolute favorites are number 2 and number 7. Which are yours?