Social Media and Blogging

Blogging has become extremely popular during the last few years, and there are thousands of blogs out there on whatever topic you might like to read about. Because of the large volume of content it is therefore hard to attract readers to one specific blog. So, a lot of people think it’s important to use whatever social media out there to spread their name. Well, here are the three I use most:

– I hardly know anyone between 15 and 50 that doesn’t use facebook almost daily by now, so why not take advantage of it? Create a a page for your blog that people can like.
– Every time I post something on my blog I link to it on my facebook page so that everyone who likes my blog can see that there is an update to read. That way they don’t need to stop by my blog unnecessarily.
– You can also create “photo albums” with your favorite pictures from your blog, that way your readers can easily see them all in one place. I also love good pictures on a blog, so if I find a facebook page with pictures I love I am more likely to stop by the blog itself.
– I do keep my personal facebook profile private, though, which is something I would recommend. Only friends and family can see my information, pictures, and personal updates.

– Again, I love pictures. So I think instagram is a fun way of sharing updates.
– I normally update my instagram account about once a day (sometimes less) – unless I’m traveling or doing something fun, so that I have more fun pictures to share. I don’t post just for the sake of posting.
– I save pictures I like on my computer to a dropbox folder so that I can use them on my phone.
– I would rather edit my pictures ahead of time instead of using the instagram effects.
– I’ve connected instagram to my facebook page so that people who like my page can see all my updates.

– I follow family, friends, and bloggers on twitter, so that I can see their personal updates.
– Everything I post to my facebook page is automatically posted to my twitter account.
– I don’t actually use twitter a whole lot, except for sharing my blog updates. But I do think it’s fun for short updates when I’m out traveling, or cute quotes and sayings that you want to share. And my updates also post to my personal facebook page so that I don’t have to update things more than once.

I think Twitter and Instagram is a fun blog tool for when you don’t have time (or enough content) to write an entire blog post. And if you have a popular blog then I’m sure your readers want to hear from you at all times of the day (don’t ask me why, though). They are also – in addition to your facebook page – a great way to let people know that there is new content on your blog.

Oh! There is also Bloglovin, where you can follow all your favorite blogs – no matter what platform they post from – and get updates whenever they post something new. That way you only have to check one website instead every single blog you read.


Official Facebook Page

So, I’ve finally gotten around to making a facebook page for my blog. To be honest I never really saw the point of it, even though just about every blog I read has one. But I suppose it actually makes sense. I’m just about addicted to facebook myself, and I check it every day. A little too often probably, both on my computer and my phone. I guess it’s just a good way to stay connected. So if most of you are like me you would probably benefit more from a blog update on facebook than anywhere else. And that way you wouldn’t have to stop by unless you knew there was new content to read.

So anyway. I will love you forever if you take the time to like my blog’s facebook page. Right now it’s looking a little lonely.

On a sidenote: I doesn’t “count” when a page likes another page on facebook. Only if it’s an actual person.

And so that this isn’t a completely boring recruiting post, here’s another one of last year’s outfits. I really love this champagne colored dress from Pitaya. It’s so light and comfortable, while still looking elegant. I remember that I’d just bought the jacket too (I wonder where it was from?), and would wear it every night since it hardly got cold enough to wear it during the day. Fall comes late in Georgia, so I still won’t be wearing it for another month or so this year.