My Family

I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since our wedding! I still get all gooey eyed every time I think about it. So I figured this was a good time to post a few more wedding pictures. I still have a ton of them lying around, but I figured you’d get bored if I posted them all at once. This time I was looking through the photos of me and my family. I’ve been missing them all a lot lately – my wedding was actually the last time I saw them. It was an amazing day, and I’m so glad I got to share it with them.
205078I love you both so much! The day definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you!200

2013 Resolutions

So, I don’t usually take new year’s resolutions very seriously, but I still think it’s a neat idea. I like the idea of striving to improve and promising to be a better version of yourself in the year to come. After all, if you’ve put some serious thought into your resolutions, following them can only make you happier. That’s at least true for me. I’m not happy when things stay the same for too long, or when I don’t feel like I’m motivated. And what better way to keep me motivated and on track then to post my resolutions online for everyone to see? Haha.

2012 was an amazing year, but with a little effort I think we can make 2013 just as good!

  1. Keep Working Out. I’m really happy with my progress in 2012, so I really just want to keep it up. And now that I have an elliptical at home I really have no excuse to be lazy. So my goal is to work out about 4 times a week, unless I’m sick, traveling, or extremely busy.
  2. Keep Traveling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many new places as I did last year, and it was amazing! Our honeymoon was a big part of that (and we won’t be repeating that any time soon), but I want to keep going on weekend trips even if it’s just to Atlanta. And we’re already planning on a road trip through Florida when spring break comes along.
  3. Try to Eat Healthy During Weekdays. This is the one resolution that I’m the most likely to break! I love my fast food, chocolate, and potato chips. But from now on I’m going to limit it as much as possible. Saturdays and Sundays are for movie nights and snacks, any other day is for trying out new healthy and delicious recipes – and sharing them with all of you!
  4. Be More Social. Last spring was extremely busy with school and I hardly ever had time to hang out with friends. And when I finally did have some time off I would rather just curl up on the couch and watch a movie with Andy. In the long run this didn’t exactly make me very happy. However, during fall I put much more of an effort into being social, and it was a much better semester!
  5. Make Plans. We will be staying in Athens until Andy is done with his PhD, which is at least another year and a half, but after that I haven’t the faintest idea what I want to do. So this might sound a little silly, but one of my resolutions is to put some serious thought into what I want to do with my life. Where do I want to live, where do I want to work, and what is going to make me happy in the long run? Because right now I have no idea.
  6. Keep in Touch! I’m probably not the only one who is bad at this. When your life gets busy and you have a hundred things to think about, you tend to forget about the friends and family you haven’t talked to in forever. Sitting down to write a letter might not be the first thing on your mind, but it means so much to the one receiving it. I am lucky to have great friends back in Norway, and every time we meet it seems like no time at all has gone by. But I would love to know more about their day-to-day life when I’m not around. So this year I am going to write more emails, letters, facebook messages, and texts to all the people I care about. And I hope you’ll join me!

Here is one of my happiest moments from 2012. It’s a tough one to beat, but I’m already wondering which moments are going to stay with me from 2013.

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe the new year is already here – 2012 went by way too fast! We celebrated last new years eve with my friends back in Norway, and I missed them all a lot tonight. Here are a few of last year’s pictures before I completely pass out. I hope 2013 is even better than last year! (Although it was an amazing year, so it will be very hard to top it.)

Christmas Morning

So, I’m completely addicted to this DS game which was one of my gifts from Andy, so I’m just posting a few pictures from our Christmas morning before I’m going back to playing, haha. We’re still on vacation, so I don’t feel the least bit guilty spending a whole day playing video games! (Oh, and don’t tell me I am too old for this game, because it’s super adorable!)
I still giggle whenever I look at this picture. Luke and Merrie’s gift to Andy hadn’t arrived yet, so we joked about his consolation gift being a couple shots of liquor and a receipt (it was actually a Steam gift card). But I guess Christmas will come twice for him, because he still has no idea what he’s getting.
And here’s the living room after we were all done, hehe.
I hope your Christmas was amazing! Did you too get “toys” that you’re still playing around with?

Saturday Ice Skating

Yesterday we all went ice skating for about an hour an a half. This rink was much better than the one I went to in Atlanta a few weeks back, and we all had fun. However, I don’t know if my ice skates were too small or if I’m just out of practice, but my feet hurt something terrible by the time we were done.

Other than my feet hurting, I actually had a blast. Ignore the bad bangs, though.
I might have had a bit too much fun, and I ended up face planting this time too. Turns out I really can’t spin on the ice anymore – even though I used to be very good at it. Sigh, now I feel old.
Afterwards me and Andy went downtown and had sushi and steak hibachi for dinner. Delicious!
Today we’ve gotten the last bit of Christmas shopping done, and I’m surprisingly tired (which explains the lack of posting today). I think I’m ready to grab a drink and crawl up on the couch to watch a movie with Andy. We can wrap all the gifts tomorrow!

Holly Jolly Holiday TAG 2!

So, I’ve never completely understood the point of all these tags and question answering posts, but I suppose it is a fun way to get to know the people behind the blogs you read regularly. This I was tagged by another blogger to answer these 15 Christmas questions, and I figured “why not?”

1. Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until the last-minute?
A little bit of both. I procrastinate a lot, but if I have some ideas for specific people I love getting them out of the way as soon as possible. I just think it’s hard to come up with good ideas.

2. If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be?
It would have to be a Norwegian one called “Reisen til Julestjernen”. It means “the trip to the Christmas star”, and it’s a classic that I’ve watched every Christmas eve since I was a kid.

3. Which do you like better: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Well, I’m Norwegian and we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. So Christmas eve is definitely my favorite!

4. When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it?
The day before our Christmas celebration – on the 23rd. Me and my brother does most of the work.

5. White lights or colored lights?
Absolutely white lights!

6. Are you guilty of peeking at your presents or do you like the surprise?
Nope. I think I might have wanted to as a kid, but I have never actually touched them. Now it’s not even tempting, and I try not to guess either. I have always loved surprises.

7. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or in Santa’s Workshop?
Haha, neither? Santa’s workshop maybe, though I doubt I’d enjoy all the work.

8. Tell us your Christmas Eve traditions!
I get up early to watch two of my favorite Norwegian Christmas movies, while eating candy from my stocking. Afterwards I hang out with my family and my mother starts getting lunch ready. We eat rømmegrøt (there is really no great translation for that) at around 2 o’clock. There are Christmas shows and concerts on all day, and so tv is on although we don’t pay attention to it most of the time. At 5 o’clock you can hear the church bells ringing outside, which means that it’s officially Christmas and that everyone should be dressed up (at least in our family). We eat cookies and snacks while opening presents, and dinner is served at around 8. I love having my family around me, and I’m never in bed before 2 am.

9. If you could be under the mistletoe with anyone who would it be?
Now you’re probably wondering about celebrity crushes or something, but I’ll still have to say Andy.

10. What tops your tree?
A star that lights up.

11. Can you name the 12 days of Christmas?
Haha, no. That is definitely an American thing that I’m not even familiar with.

12. Have you ever gone Christmas caroling?
Yeah. We went every year as a kid. In Norway it’s almost like going trick or treating. You dress up in Santa hats and red clothes, go door to door and sing carols, and you get candy when you’re done!

13. Do you countdown to Christmas? If so, how many days are left?
Yes! In my head there are two days left, but I suppose three is the right answer.

14. What are some foods and treats you can count on having every holiday season?
We normally have at least 7 kinds of cookies and cakes (most are homemade), and our lunch and dinner are the same every year. They are delicious Norwegian “specialties” that I look forward to every year.

15. How has Christmas kept its magic for you as you’ve grown older?
Well, I’m kind of a big kid still, so it doesn’t take much. I love the traditions and like to do things the same way every year. The expectations and Christmas mood are half the fun.