Here’s a belated “outfit post” from our trip. The problem was that we tried to take the pictures after getting back from dinner and drinks, and I was very intent on getting a good picture while I was doing a spin. It didn’t happen. But the dress is too cute not to show you anyway. I am really starting to fall in love with cute summery dresses, and this was only $25 at Charlotte Russe.
I don’t even remember what I was laughing about here, but I think the frozen margarita pouch might explain it. Andy took advantage of it and took about 20 pictures of me looking absolutely retarded (you don’t get to see those, though).
However, I DO remember being extremely proud of how well I tied my bow.
Oh well, being serious is overrated. I love to laugh, and sometimes I’m so silly that Andy can’t handle it. And I enjoy an alcoholic drink once in a while. Especially on vacation.


Atlanta Outfit

Now that Andy’s back home it is my turn to get dressed up and go to Atlanta for a night. I don’t know what the plans are, but we’re starting out at The Ivy, and I’m ready for a great night!
I had almost forgotten that I had this cute asymmetrical polka dot skirt – and when I found it I had to wear it. It’s still a bit cold out for skirts but with a pair of thick tights I’m sure it will do just fine.
Oh, and as you can see I’m still in my red-and-black phase. I just love the two colors together!
I hope you have a fun Sunday, whether you’re going out or not!
Necklace: Macy’s. Rings: Asos. Scarf & Tights: Target. Skirt: Body Central. Heels: Payless.

Rings From Asos

Last fall I was hooked on bracelets and other “arm candy” and would browse weheartit and google for inspirational pictures, but now it’s all about rings! And I was surprised to see that I hardly own any. Up until now I’ve mostly bought bracelets and necklaces. So I went on Asos looking for a few cheap statement pieces to add to my collection.

I would love to own all of these!

I ended up with two sets of 12 rings for just thirty dollars (the shipping is free) – although I fell in love with a lot of others too. And they were here within a week! Why I haven’t I shopped at Asos before?asos_rings
Unfortunately, one of the silver cross rings were broken when I got it, but that’s when I figured out how great their customer service is. I filled out a “faulty item” form and six hours later I got an email saying that they had sent me a new one free of charge! And not just one ring – I get all five of them.

Tuesday’s Caual Outfit

Here’s the whole outfit from yesterday’s post. A lot of red and black going on, those seem to be my go-to color choices lately. Well, that’s actually been my favorite combination all winter.
Which colors do you often end up with in your day-to-day outfits? Any favorites?
Now I’m heading over to Maren’s place for a girls night. Have a great Wednesday everyone!
Blouse: Forever 21. Jeans & Necklace: Body Central. Rings: Asos. Shoes: Converse.

Boyfriend Jeans

Yesterday’s laid-back outfit. I think I was going for comfy, yet cute.
I’ve had these jeans forever and they are definitely too big on me, but they are so comfortable that I can’t get rid of them. And I’ve completely fallen in love with this new sweater. So warm and soft.
And, hey, I add heels to everything. Although this would look better with my black converses.
Sweater: Charlotte Russe. Bracelets: Aldo. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

Beach Fashion

I’ve been spending a lot of time planning and fantasizing about our spring break trip lately – I even went shopping for sunscreen, band aids, and a new bikini the other day, haha. And my mom will probably not believe me when I say that I’ve already started packing. Towels, swimsuits, and sunscreen – check! I mean, planning the trip is half the fun. After that I went on to making a packing list of what to bring, and I’ve been stuck looking at pictures of beach/summer outfits on pinterest ever since. Time to bring out my summer wardrobe! Relaxing on the beach doesn’t mean you can’t look good, right?

When I think “vacation” I think of lace, flowy skirts, pastels, and sun dresses. Everything I like to wear in Florida is easy, comfortable, and cute. So here’s my inspirational collage for packing, hehe.
The corner pictures are from, btw. You should definitely check out her gorgeous pictures.