Exciting Blog Changes

Wow… I’ve spent the better part of my day looking into transferring my blog to become self-hosted. I am so tired of not being able to change my design or add widgets for giveaways and so on. That’s what I get for choosing a free blog platform, but now that things are going great and my enthusiasm for blogging is at it’s highest I would like to take it one step further. In the long run I think it will be the right decision for me and the blog. I’ll definitely enjoy the creative freedom.

But let me tell you, it’s all very confusing! I was familiar with the general idea of it, but all the details have me baffled. Now I think I’ve finally made my decision, but it will still take a while before it’s all ready. And until then I’ll still be blogging right here. And don’t worry, all my posts, pages, and comments will be transferred when the change is made. I’m so excited!

If you blog from WordPress and have any questions regarding blogging or becoming self-hoted, I recommend you stop by WPbeginner and search their archives. They have been such a great help to me!

Oh, and while we’re talking about blogging… Right now my cute little banner is up on the right side of lovely Ange’s blog. And she also has a giveaway coming up on Monday, so you should stay tuned!

Now I’m wondering: Are your self-hosted or do you blog from a free platform? And how did you make the decision? If you have any tips, feel free to share them!


Help From A Stranger

Yesterday didn’t exactly start off great. I was in my car about to head to the store when the UPS guy knocked on my window and told me “you know you have a flat tire?” And he was right. There was a four inch gash in my back right tire, and it was as flat as it could get. It must have happened just as me and Andy got home the night before because we hadn’t noticed anything at all. I am no car wiz and really had no idea what to do at this point (Andy was at school and couldn’t help me). So I asked the UPS guy if I needed to get the car towed. He just takes a look and asks if I have a spare tire. I didn’t even know if I did – who owns a car for 5 years and knows as little about it as I do? – so we checked the trunk.

Turns out a small spare tire comes with the car for situations like this, just so you can drive the car to a repair shop. This wasn’t of much help to me, though, who has never even watched someone change a tire. But I didn’t have to worry about it because the UPS guy offered to change it for me! He just went to his car and put his “tracker thingy” to “on break” and came back to help me out. So he spent his entire lunch break helping a stranger change her tire – without thinking twice about it.

It definitely made my day after a pretty bad morning. Not many people would care enough to drop what they are doing and help someone they don’t even know. Mr. UPS guy: I owe you one! So I guess the moral of my story is “help a stranger”. Haha.

Secrets To Being Organized

So, ever since I got married I keep getting these emails from TheNest.com. Most of them I just glance at and delete, but every now and then I find an article that actually have helpful tips for my everyday life. THIS one was one of them. It was 20 tips for how to organize your life better – and God knows I could need that. Here are some of the ones I liked most.

Find a home for everything.
And return everything to its home after you’re done using it. When shopping, know where you’re going to put an item — whether it’s a piece of furniture or a piece of art — before you bring it into your home.

Pick a purpose for each room.
This allows you to set up each room in the way you use it. Sometimes the function is obvious (think: kitchen and bath), but many rooms serve multiple purposes. In these instances, you can create order by carving out zones.

Carve out zones.
In rooms with open floor plans, set up an office, media center, exercise area and so on. Use room dividers, such as a bookcase, open cubbies or a couch, to delineate the space.

Buy less stuff.
Some people are minimalists. It’s okay if you’re not. But never grab something because it’s on sale or free. Hidden costs include maintenance of the item (i.e., cleaning it) or the guilt of getting rid of it.

Keep surfaces clutter-free.
Follow this rule of thumb: If you use it every day, it gets to stay; if you don’t, put it away. Think about how often you use an item, and let that decide how much “real estate” it should take up on surfaces. Take the kitchen counter, for instance. Maybe the coffeemaker and toaster get to stay, but the food processor goes away.

Don’t wait to put things away.
Before dumping something on a table or chair, always ask yourself: “Does it belong here?” For example, instead of placing a coat over a chair, hang it up. It takes mere seconds. Bonus: You’ll spend less time looking for it later.

Choose multifunctional furniture pieces.
Look for furniture that does double duty: a storage ottoman that can corral magazines or books, a coffee table with drawers to stash the remote, a bookcase that can be used as a nightstand.

Keep everyday items within arm’s reach.
Place frequently used items up front in a cabinet or closet. Things you use less often, you can put up high or way in back.

Set up a home office.
It can be anywhere — kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom — but designate a place to park mail, bills, pens, and electronics (laptop, cell phone and tablet) and their chargers.

Reassess every so often.
Tastes change, and so will your lifestyle. Make a point to purge on a regular basis, say once a year or every spring and fall. If you don’t use something in a given time period, rethink its value. This creates an environment that you love — it’s your nest, after all.

Now I just want a house of my own where I can implement all the advice!