Our Day in Key West

We’re now 2 hours into our 9 hour drive back to Athens. And, strangely enough, this drive isn’t half as much fun as our drive here was, although I am really looking forward to be home by now. But, while we’re listening to the same CDs over and over again, you can enjoy some of our pictures from Key West.

We left Marathon early and got there before 12 o’clock. And even though check-in wasn’t until 3 we were lucky to get a room right away. It was on the second floor, with a balcony, and I absolutely loved the bed. Isn’t it cute? We’ve actually been really lucky with our rooms, except for one crappy room at a cheap hotel.
After unpacking we went sightseeing downtown and ended up at the southernmost point of the US. There was a guide there who said that at that point we were closer to Cuba (90 miles) than to a Walmart, haha. There was a long line for pictures so I didn’t bother taking one with the marker.
US Southernmost Point
Oh, and did you know that there are roosters running wild just about everywhere in Key West? It took a bit getting used to, and you had to be careful while driving. (You can read about it here, it’s a fun article.)
Then we grabbed ourselves a refreshing coconut drink and kept on walking until our feet were hurting and it was time to head back to the hotel. We saw Earnest Hemmingway’s home, but we didn’t stay for a tour.
At 6 o’clock we went on a two hour sunset cruise which was a lot of fun (but very windy). We paid for dinner and unlimited drinks were included. Needless to say we where in a pretty great mood when we got back to land. We met several people who knew more about the Keys than us, and a lot of others who were only there for the drinks. Believe me, it’s pretty fun to see drunk people trying to walk straight on a moving boat.
sunset cruise


Spring Break in Key West

It’s finally official, we’re going on a road trip to Key West in a little under a month! For ten full days. We’ve even booked two of our hotels, so there’s no going back now. (Well, there is free cancellation, but that really wasn’t the point.) On our first day we’ll be driving from Athens to Melbourne, where we can spend a night at my uncle or grandmother’s place – for free, yay. Then we’ll continue down the coast and spend a couple days in Miami before we stop by the Everglades. After that we’re going straight for the Keys! Ah, it’s going to be amazing. I’m already looking up places to see and shop at, and diners to eat at. I love the planning process almost as much as the trip itself. And I’ll be bringing my camera, so you’re all with me every step of the way!

This is from our last spring break in Melbourne. Ah, I just can’t wait to be on the beach again!
I’ve been looking at pictures from Key West, and Florida in general, ever since we booked our rooms. Just look at these pictures and tell me you’re not jealous! I definitely won’t believe you.

Our Honeymoon Suite

On Saturday night after the reception we checked into our honeymoon suite and stayed there until Tuesday morning. It was amazing to just get to relax for a few days after the last hectic weeks. Even though I enjoyed planning our wedding, it some times drove me crazy, and it definitely stressed me out. But it was nothing that our hottub (which happend to be in the middle of our bedroom) couldn’t fix. By Tuesday I was very sad to leave, but our honeymoon was coming up only 9 days later, so I had something to look forward to.

Here are a few pictures of our suite:

Me and my gorgeous bouquet – one of the few times you’ll see me without makeup, hehe.

I loved having all the flowers from our wedding all over our suite. So pretty.